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On a lighter side

On a lighter side.

Book Reviews

Do you have a favourite career book?

Mine is The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Psychology

Author: Joni Johnston, Psy D

(Publishing House: Alpha Books

The Review


‘You’re no idiot, of course. You know that id, ego, and superego aren’t the names of characters in an intergalactic comic strip and that the Oedipus complex isn’t a giant sports arena.’ As a long time lover of non-fiction books, my interest was immediately aroused.  

This is a DIY Psycho book with a difference! Although it covers a complete range of topics – everything from adapting to changes to discovering what your moods mean – it does it by using an easy to understand vocabulary and analogies. I found the section on how to raise consciousness and what to do with the information overload particularly interesting. You can apply the insights to your everyday life with instant results!  

This is definitely a good book for anyone interested in psychology. It can also be used as a reference book for writers who want to build believable characters with acceptable motives and triggers. A must read for anyone who needs to understand human nature. 


Rate:               4/5