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On a lighter side

On a lighter side.


Human Resources Manager / Generalist

R360,000 – R450,000 pa Sandton

Position Description:

The HRM / Generalist manages the day-to-day operations of the Human Resource office, responsible for the administration of the HR policies, procedures and programs and carries out responsibilities in the following functional areas: departmental development, HRIS, employee relations, training and development, benefits, compensation, organizational development, and employment.  The HRM originates and leads HR practices and objectives that will provide an employee-oriented, high performance culture that emphasizes empowerment, quality, productivity and standards, goal attainment, and the recruitment and on-going development of a superior workforce.

Primary Objectives:

Development of a superior workforce through recruitment as well as learning and development programmes.

Development of an employee-oriented company culture that emphasizes quality, continuous improvement, and high performance through organisational development

Processing of Payroll

  • Develop and administer programs, procedures, and guidelines to help align the workforce with the strategic goals of the company.
  • Participate in developing department goals, objectives, and systems.
  • Assist to establish departmental measurements that support the accomplishment of the company’s strategic goals.
  • Assists with the monitoring of an annual budget.
  • Maintain employee-related data bases and prepares
  • Provide statutory reports as well as reports required by management to carry out the functions of the department and company.
  • Assist with the implementation of the performance management system that includes performance development plans (PDPs) and employee development programs.
  • Assist with the establishment of an in-house employee training system that addresses company training needs including training needs assessment, new employee orientation or on-boarding, management development, production cross-training, the measurement of training impact, and training transfer.
  • Assist managers with the selection and contracting of external training programs and consultants.
  • Provide necessary education and materials to managers and employees including workshops, manuals, employee handbooks, and standardized reports.
  • Assist with the development of and monitors the spending of the corporate training budget.
  • Maintains employee training records.
  • Manage the recruitment process for exempt and nonexempt employees and interns using the standard recruiting and hiring practices and procedures necessary to recruit and hire a superior workforce.
  • Conducts the recruiting planning meetings when needed staff is identified.
  • Reviews resumes for all candidates and interview nonexempt, and exempt when assigned, candidates for employment.
  • Serves on employee selection committees or meetings.
  • Assist with the monitoring of the company wage and salary structure and the variable pay systems within the company including bonuses and raises.
  • Provide competitive market research and prepares pay studies to help establish pay practices and pay bands that help to recruit and retain superior staff.
  • Responsible for payroll – processing (90 – 100 staff) and maintain the payroll data base.
  • Provide day-to-day benefits administration services. Assist employees with any claim issues.
  • Develop and schedules benefits orientations and other benefits training.
  • Administers the pension plan and complete yearly compliance reporting.
  • Administer disability and worker’s compensation.
  • Recommend changes in benefits offered, especially new benefits aimed at employee satisfaction and retention.

Provide training and development


Employee Relations

  • Assists with the development of HR policies for the company with      regard to employee relations.
  • Partner with management to communicate HR policies, procedures,      programs and laws.
  • Recommend employee relations practices necessary to establish a      positive employer-employee relationship and promote a high level of employee morale and      motivation.
  • Participate in the conduct of investigations when employee      complaints or concerns are brought forth.
  • Advise managers and supervisors about the steps in the progressive discipline      system of the company. Counsels managers on employment issues.
  • Assist with the implementation of company safety and health      programs.
  • Tracks and posts OSHA-required data and files reports.

Compensation and Benefits

Organization Development

  • Assist with the carrying out of a company-wide process of organization development that addresses issues such as succession planning, superior workforce development, key employee retention, organization design, and change management.
  • Assist with employee communication and feedback through such avenues as company meetings, suggestion programs, employee satisfaction surveys, newsletters, employee focus groups, one-on-one meetings, and Intranet use.
  • Help monitor the organization’s culture so that it supports the attainment of the company’s goals and promotes employee satisfaction.
  • Assist with the company-wide committees including the wellness, training, environmental health and safety, activity, and culture and communications committees.

Human Resources Generalist Requirements

a)      Minimum of a tertiary qualification, HR related

b)      Three to five plus years of progressive leadership experience in HR positions  with focus on recruitment, learning and development or organisational development

c)      Excellent computer skills in a Microsoft Windows environment. Must include Excel and demonstrated skills in database management and record keeping.

d)      Effective oral and written communication.

e)      Excellent interpersonal and coaching skills.

f)       Evidence of the practice of a high level of confidentiality.

g)      Excellent organizational skills.

This job description is a guide rather than an exhaustive list of skills, efforts, duties, and responsibilities

Work Environment

This is a young, dynamic financial services company, with 90- 100 employees most are B Com graduates,  turning over R1 billion per annum and  growing at a phenomenal pace.

Forward cv to:


Are you a cutting edge young VB Net developer?

If you are and you want to work with the latest technologies please send a
comprehensive CV which includes your salary details – current and required  –   to apply for an amazing career opportunity  – Sarary R20K – location fourways.

Make sure that your cv adheres to the following requirements:

– CV requirements

·         Dates in chronological order from last to first job

·         Reasons for leaving each job

·         Qualifications, dates completed, duration of course and institution

·         Summary of working experience – total number of years worked.

·         Computer skills – proficiency level and years of experience

·         Current salary and required salary (total cost to company figures)

·         Personal profile – stating the following:

1.       What psition are you applying for?

2.       What very specific business problem do you solve better than anyone else (strengths)?

3.       Your accomplishments – things you did successfully that created shareholder value (generated revenue, cut costs, increased profits) -focus on relevant accomplishments over industry and function.

4.       Skills list to demonstrate your specialist skills –  including technology skills, functional skills, industry skills,
management/leadership skills, and soft skills.


·         Do not submit a cv that has tables as it is difficult to edit and send to client

·       Current salary must include the total cost to company figure as well as the breakdown i.e.

·         Basic salary (not your net salary)

·         Allowances – car, computer, cell, etc

·         Benefits – medical aid, pension, etc

·         Do not send any illustrations, documents or certificates – those will be requested once the process is under way.





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Jobs in Johannesburg  – June 2011

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  2. Banking / Financial Services – B Com Accounting graduates who have some experience to work for top companies and develop a compelling career.

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